Monday, March 1, 2010

Travel, travel, travel

Thanks to OKL and few old blog posts I've been catching up on, I recently read a number of inspiring designer profiles, all of which lend useful advice. One thing that struck me is that across the board top designers suggest traveling as much as possible to develop your individual personal style. I love the idea of broadening your horizons by visiting exotic cultures and new places. The textures, tastes, colors, and lifestyles of another city offers the opportunity to discover something new to appreciate. Whether it's the bright blue ocean sea, the architectural character of the Colosseum, or a weathered cobblestone sidewalk, you never know what can catch your eye and add a new element to your unique decorating palette.

Monelle Totah, Vice President of Design for Williams-Sonoma Home, has developed an impeccable style and she has the work to show for it. When profiled by Elle Decor a few months back, she described how her travels have shaped her unique taste. Over the years, she has collected pieces from around the globe that not only decorate her home today, they also influence the design of the beautiful items that WSH has made so popular. Totah's antiques and collectibles from her travels serve as the inspirational foundation for Williams-Sonoma's products.

Pictures of Totah's eclectic San Francisco home from Elle Decor.

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