Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This week I stumbled on the most amazing antique mall I'd ever been to, no lie. I had never seen nor heard of the Gas Lamp Antique's until a few days ago when I saw it from the corner of my eye after a visit to Home Depot. The building looked small, but after climbing the staircase and entering the lobby, I was introduced to row upon row of antiques for sale.

I came to learn that this little goldmine is home to hundreds of vendors in the Nashville area who rent booths to sell their collectibles, refurbished furniture, estate sale items and whatever they're looking to get rid of in their attic. What I loved about this place was the amazing selection of everything from antique jewelry to used books and modern art. Sadly, I left empty-handed, but I was inspired by many of the pieces I saw and look forward to returning soon. When I take the plunge to buy new dining room chairs and a new side table for our living room, Gas Lamp Antiques is the first place I will look.

Here are a few of the great finds I saw at Gas Lamp.

This vendor was selling two of these chairs for $189.95 each. They would make great statement pieces in a formal living room or bedroom.

Love, love, love this hutch. They were pitching it as a kitchen piece, but wouldn't it look great with some colorful books behind the screen? By the way, it's only $150!

Remember my post last week about vintage maps? Well, here's one for sale. They had a number of beautiful antique maps for sale to choose from. (price unknown)

Oh, what a clever idea! This vendor took an old window and made it into a frame for these butterfly pictures. This sold for only $125.

Birdcages are so "in" right now. This antique can be bought for $75.


  1. I would say that Gas Lamp is the best antique mall in the area. Not the best store, but a great mall. I have spent many hours wondering their halls and many pennies on lovely things.

  2. I agree, and I'm so glad I found it! I think I may just have to visit it again this weekend. I keep thinking about that whitewashed hutch...

  3. Love the post. Your analysis of maps is particularly superb! Keep up the cartographic commentary. Cheers,

    The Map Man