Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fabric Lust

I don't think I mentioned that I placed an order on Serena and Lily for a new sheet set! I settled on a sprout-colored herringbone print that is bright and fresh, but not too feminine. Luckily, my new sheets earned Jordan's approval so now I can focus on incorporating them into our bedroom space.

Although our room is in need of way more than color, I'd like to keep this makeover small. We will keep our current furniture and wall color (a neutral taupe). Also, since we rent, the blinds on the windows will have to stay. My focus is simply to update the bedding and accessories to establish a new look.

My second step in the design process is now to choose fabric to make bed pillows. Jordan put his foot down when I suggested a floral print, so I'm thinking about ikat or something geometric. Here are some of preliminary selections thus far.

I think the last Ikat is my favorite. I'm thinking of also making one pillow with the deer print. I love it!

Images from LS Fabrics and Stace Age


  1. Liv, I like the last print too. What's up with the deer? Should I look for a set of antlers for you. Love Mom

  2. It's for an accent pillow! I thought it was fun. Maybe I should get coordinating bambi pajamas and a set for Jordan, too.