Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All in the Details

Have you ever analyzed why a space appeals to you or reminds you of a specific style or time period? Most people never take the time to understand how different colors, materials, and finishes come together to make a room feel complete.

Designers are masters of detail, which is why there are so good at crafting spaces to perfection. These pictures of kitchens are some of my favorite examples of how designers have conveyed a certain look by conscientiously marrying every detail together seamlessly.

This first kitchen looks like it from 19th century Italy. Notice the curved, brick ceiling and plaster walls. The period-style oven and wood finishes add the aged look.

These just might be my favorite kitchen cabinets. I love that they continue down to the counter top. Also, those marble shelves are beautiful. Such a bright and functional space.

The beams in this kitchen add a rustic, farmhouse feel.

At first glance I thought the range hood was plaster, but it's actually hand-painted!

This faucet gives the kitchen an antique look.

I'm obsessed with these copper light pendants. The yellow wall paint ties in well with them, and it actually doesn't clash with the stove.

Images from Traditional Home

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