Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dessert, Anyone?

I love the idea of having a non-traditional dessert at a gala, luncheon or wedding reception. So many people have just your average chocolate cake with butter cream frosting, but how about trying something new? Cupcakes has become a trend over the past few years, and now macaroons are a popular choice. Many are also choosing to do a grouping of smaller cakes, or a small cake for the bride and groom with other dessert choices for guests.

Picking a different type of dessert makes the food become part of the decor. I don't have plans for a wedding reception anytime soon, but if I did these are some of the choices I would consider.

Yum! Look at how meticulously these chocolates have been placed. This is a striking presentation, and great idea for a Valentine's Day party or evening gala.

Macaroons are the lastest trend. I personally don't care for the taste, but I like how the pretty pink box is overflowing with colorful cookies.

I like this downhome choice for an outdoor wedding or July 4th picnic.

Color-coordinated! So feminine and dainty. This would be lovely for a bridal shower or girl's birthday.

This only problem with this choice, is that I would definitely want a piece of each!

Images from Martha Stewart Weddings and Laurie Arons.

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