Monday, January 31, 2011

Magazine Mayhem

This month is chocked full of online magazine launches, specifically Matchbox Mag. that hit the blog scene last week and High Gloss Mag., that's to be released tomorrow.  It also wasn't long ago that we were swept off our feet by the new Lonny and Rue Magazines. These are exciting times in the design world as artists aren't limiting their creativity to solely print exposure.  

Rue Magazine actually just released their third issue and is having a launch party tonight in collaboration with the New Traditionalists. Any New Yorkers attending? They featured some striking photos in the current issue- lots of dark walls and black-framed vintage prints.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Favorites: Mindless Chatter Edition

Happy Friday, everyone! Are you as excited as I am? I hope so. And I hope you are able to dance and drink at least a little this weekend. 

For starters, I'm not quite done being English, at least for now. 

My favorite image of the week has me so mesmerized, I think I've looked at it at least 10 times!


I hope you were all good citizens and watched the SOTU speech on Tuesday.  If not, here's a quick re-cap:

 It's still bloody cold outside. Thank God for weekend trips and summer drinks, otherwise I'd never survive!


In hopes of somehow tricking myself into thinking the weather is more Spring-like, I am wearing one of my lovely scarves today. I referred to Hermes for guidance.

I have plans to make this soup  along with a lovely tart for my friend CEW on Sunday (I owe her one after ordering us the budget-busting duck last night and not sharing enough of it with her). Cheers!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Great Resource

For those with an interest in the Decorative Arts, the Metropolitan Museum of Art offers an extensive collections database that serves as a superb resource. If you are trying to identify a style of furniture or  hoping to acquire more information about one of your antiques, The Met's site can also be of use.  I simply love to look at the site for inspiration and am learning so much about collectibles from perusing its various pages. Here are some of my favorite pieces as of late:

: Exterior Door from Dr. Stephen Thorn House, New Hackensack, New York
: Northeast, New Hackensack, New York, America
: American
: Sweet gum, oak
: Gift of Mrs. Joseph Tuckerman Tower, 1934
: 34.79a, b

: Dressing table
: Northeast, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, America
: American
: Black walnut, yellow pine, white cedar, sweet gum
: Bequest of Augusta W. Demuth, 1943
: 43.60

: Girandole
: Northeast, New York City, New York, America; Northeast, Albany, New York, America
: American
: Gilded gesso, mirror glass with white pine
: Gift of Mrs. Frederick Moseley, Jr., 1974

Hobbs, Brockunier and Company (1863–1891)
: Tumbler
: after 1886
: South, Wheeling, West Virginia, America
: American
: Pressed colorless and opaque white glass
: Gift of Mrs. Emily Winthrop Miles, 1946
: 46.140.410
John Finlay (active ca. 1799–1833)
Hugh Finlay (active ca. 1800–37)
: Side Chair
: South, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
: American
: Maple, painted and gilded, cane
: Purchase, Mrs. Paul Moore Gift, 1965
: 65.167.6

The Latest Snow Clobbering

Yesterday's unusual forcast for "thundersnow" ended up turning DC into a chaotic mess of abandoned cars and angry metro commuters. I'm pretty sure driving my car last night can be considered a form of extreme sports. I hope everyone made it home OK- I've already heard some dreadful commuting stories from some of you! Despite the craziness, I was quite pleased to have an evening at home and on my way to work today, I came across this sculptural masterpiece:

It made my day! Stay safe, everyone.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wanna Buy It Wednesday: 20 West Jones Street, Savannah, GA

Granduous, charming and meticulously-restored are all adjectives that describe this stunning home! 

20 West Jones Street has maintained the historic details of the late 1800's when it was built, but has been updated to modern standards.  Located in the historic district of Savannah, it has 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and is on the market for $2.75 million. The master bath design is one of the most unique I've seen, and the landscaping is perfect enough to rival any English garden. I love the charming fireplaces, quaint sitting areas, and original built-ins. Not to mention, I can't get over the size of that pool and the wrap-around side porches! Mint-julep anyone?



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vintage Luggage

 via Apartment Therapy, House Beautiful, Manifold Destiny, French Blue and Etsy

Monday, January 24, 2011

Plain English

Too bad I don't live in England. I just discovered some of the most beautifully-crafted cabinetry I have seen in my life! Plain English is a traditional joinery company that uses the techniques of 18th and 19th century cabinetmakers. Simply stunning.


Sunday, January 23, 2011


Amen to that. Via Design Chic.