Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Speaking of MG+BW...

I'm a little surprised they don't get more attention in the blogosphere. Their designs are fresh and modern. They combine beautiful fabrics with clean lines to make functional furniture and accessories. There is a MG + BW store near my gym here in Nashville and everytime I drive by my heart goes pitter patter.

Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams just came out with a new book called the Comfortable Home: How to Invest in Your Nest and Live Well for Less. They walk you through the basics of decorating from how to get inspired to what to spend money on and what to save on. They go room by room and offer advice on how to acheive a certain style. Here are a few excerpts from the new book:

PS: They dedicated the book in honor of their English Bulldog, Lulu, who passed away in 2007. How cute is that!

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