Monday, March 29, 2010

The September Issue

Oh, what a great weekend! And it all started with The September Issue, the documentary film that follows Anna Wintour and Vogue Magazine in the making of it's largest and most popular yearly edition. Have you seen it?

Anna Wintour has the reputation of being one stern lady and this documentary confirms it. In fact, much of the movie is about how to cope with her criticism and coldness. Many scenes end with a discouraged editor or photographer spilling out his/her feelings to a coworker. However, with that being said, Anna knows what she's doing. She's got perfect taste and the business sense you need to run a magazine. Her employees know that no one measures up to Anna and because of that, she still has their respect despite her off-putting demeanor. Vogue Magazine, and Anna for that matter, seem to have a hand in everything in the fashion industry. In the more recent years, Vogue started a fund for up and coming designers that they hand pick to help, like Thakoon. Thakoon got a contract with the Gap thanks to Anna's help on his behalf.

The documentary also focuses on all the intricacies that go into producing a magazine photo shoot. Grace Coddington, Vogue's very likable Creative Director, is the artistic genius behind many of the magazine's successful fashion spreads. A former model and fellow Brit, Grace climbed the ranks with Anna at Vogue starting 20 years ago. She's the only one at the magazine with the guts to stand up to Anna and is often the victim of her criticism because of it. Regardless, she is the mastermind behind the creative success of the magazine and has won even the respect of Wintour herself because of it.

If you have a free hour or so what this movie. It will give you an entire new perspective on the fashion industry and the business' heaviest hitters.

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