Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Furniture Flipping

So, this accidental purchasing of too much furniture is actually working out quite well for me. Today I sold the last pieces- the unwanted beds, mirror and chest (all before 8 am, might I add). With these sales, I've managed to make a little extra cash that I can now turn around and use for room redecorating.

I've got a decent plan for my room and have already purchased a few items.

1. I ordered this headboard-making kit 

2. I still need to find some tan linen fabric for the headboard and future chair, but that should be easy.

3. I ordered this blanket yesterday in orange and white. Chevron dies hard!

 4. A little curiosity got me my new urn lamps this week. When reading Bryn's blog, I noticed a lamp in the exact shape I wanted. I decided to ask her about them, and sure enough she was willing to sell them to me for a great deal! I plan to paint them gold and dye the shades black. 

In the end, they'll look something like this:

(these retail for $630! Way out of my price range).

5. These boxes are on the way thanks to blogger friend Kiki's suggestion. Fortunately, they are on sale which allowed me to purchase three in various sizes.

6. My mom was so sweet and got me this beautiful bedding to kick off my room re-do project. The duvet and shams are monogrammed with my initials.
I have very little left to buy. I still need to pick out two art prints and accesorize a bit. I'll eventually buy a wing back chair and recover it, but that won't happen for a few more months.

Very excited!

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