Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bizarre Findings: Sunday Morning Estate Sale Edition

Estate sales can be quite the jackpot for new loot, especially for collectors of eccentricities. Consider the following items I happened to stumble upon this morning when I stopped at a sale before my brunch meeting:

Christmas light bulbs- circa 1960, I'm guessing?

 Creepy Russian doll wearing a babushka.

DNC Memorabilia

Swingers handbook

 The master bath was also full of Depends diapers going for 50 cents a pack, but due to my strong aversion to scatological humor, I decided not to take that picture.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!




  1. Guess where I went this morning? If you said "nowhere" you're very very correct.

  2. Sometimes they are winners and sometimes not. Gotta look through a lot of stuff to find the gems!!

    xoxo Elizabeth