Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Working Woman

There's a superb article in this month's Vanity Fair about Jackie Kennedy's career as a book editor. Most do not remember the former First Lady for her profession, even though she found both happiness and accomplishment in the publishing business. Jackie was far from encouraged to pursue a career, as most told her she was too high-profile and far to wealthy to be a working girl. But she did. And she did it quite well.

"Whatever else she may have been during her lifetime—tragic heroine, elusive sphinx, reluctant icon—Jackie also distinguished herself as an intensely dedicated career woman who left behind an impressive legacy of books." Jackie found true happiness later in life by pursuing her fervent passion for literature. As friend Harriet Rubin explained, "I think she regarded books as a form of magic. Temples are built upon scrolls and sacred texts, and she was going to produce modern magic formulas for opening people’s minds, for revealing hidden wisdom.” 

Hats off to Jackie for listening to herself and defying criticism. May we all find our Ithaka, and enjoy life to the fullest along the way.


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