Friday, January 14, 2011

Random Friday Favorites

My week in recap.

Best stencil job ever.

 Wish I could see Selby's first US gallery showing at Jackson Fine Art starting this weekend.

For some reason, I find bookcases extremely appealing. 

Looking forward to making my favorite chicken  dish tomorrow.

And then perhaps taking a few shots with my new one of these.

If you've got ten minutes to spare, do yourself a favor and read this. If you've only got two and really need a laugh, check this out. Happy weekend!



  1. wonderful pictures :) have a great weekend girl

  2. Hi great pictures...not only do I also love libraries but in fact I am doing a post either tomorrow or on Sunday all about libraries. This is a lovely blog, and I will be back. I hope you might find a minute to check out my blog, its
    Its all about the building of our new home and my passion for design and decor. I am new to blogworld but loving it! Such fun....anyway have fun cooking tomorrow:)