Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Great Resource

For those with an interest in the Decorative Arts, the Metropolitan Museum of Art offers an extensive collections database that serves as a superb resource. If you are trying to identify a style of furniture or  hoping to acquire more information about one of your antiques, The Met's site can also be of use.  I simply love to look at the site for inspiration and am learning so much about collectibles from perusing its various pages. Here are some of my favorite pieces as of late:

: Exterior Door from Dr. Stephen Thorn House, New Hackensack, New York
: Northeast, New Hackensack, New York, America
: American
: Sweet gum, oak
: Gift of Mrs. Joseph Tuckerman Tower, 1934
: 34.79a, b

: Dressing table
: Northeast, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, America
: American
: Black walnut, yellow pine, white cedar, sweet gum
: Bequest of Augusta W. Demuth, 1943
: 43.60

: Girandole
: Northeast, New York City, New York, America; Northeast, Albany, New York, America
: American
: Gilded gesso, mirror glass with white pine
: Gift of Mrs. Frederick Moseley, Jr., 1974

Hobbs, Brockunier and Company (1863–1891)
: Tumbler
: after 1886
: South, Wheeling, West Virginia, America
: American
: Pressed colorless and opaque white glass
: Gift of Mrs. Emily Winthrop Miles, 1946
: 46.140.410
John Finlay (active ca. 1799–1833)
Hugh Finlay (active ca. 1800–37)
: Side Chair
: South, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
: American
: Maple, painted and gilded, cane
: Purchase, Mrs. Paul Moore Gift, 1965
: 65.167.6

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