Monday, April 5, 2010

Open Shelving

Shelves are one of my favorite things. Don't you just love the look of a ceiling high bookcase packed full of colorful books like these? Books are my favorite works of art.

Besides the fact that these floors are amazing, check out the little reading nook in the corner.
Lawyer bookcases. I like how this person used them for bathroom storage.

I would never be organized enough to have open shelving in my kitchen, but I do love the weathered look of these shelves. If you look close enough you can see that each basket has a label.

It looks like this person is using these shelves in their breakfast nook, but I would use them in my dining room to house my fine china. The clean lines of this piece let the dishes serve as the focal points.
** I must apologize for not giving credit. I found these images in my files and unfortunately did not label them appropriately.


  1. What I wouldn't give for a home library with floor to ceiling built ins!

  2. I LOVE open shelving. We have some in our living room and it's great! would love more :)