Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mom's 60th Birthday Party

This month my wonderful mother is turning sixty. She's spent most of her years helping other as a nurse and sacrificing for her family. She's always doing things for us, so I'm thankful that I have a opportunity to do something nice for her this time around. I decided to throw mom a smashing party in a few weeks at her home in Florida. I know she will love this!

I've already mailed these fun invitations to her guests, which I purchased from Etsy. I thought the sunflower print was fresh and festive for a spring party.

I wish I had the time to make everything for this party from the decorations to the food, but since I live several states away, time just won't permit. Below are some of my ideas for decor, food and along with a few other items that I got from Esty for the event. I can't wait to share pictures in a few weeks!

I'm using strings of white lights to decorate the porch and great room. Then I'm going to add bursts of color by making these pom-poms out of tissue paper. Martha Stewart has an easy tutorial on how to create these.

I like the idea of having random bunches of wild flowers as decoration. My mom has tons of vases and antique jars that would be perfect to hold flowers. I'm picturing clusters of different sizes vases holding yellow and white flowers on each table. Nothing to matchy-matchy.

Images from Martha Stewart.

Another Etsy purchase. I thought the print was cute.

This fabric is also from Etsy. I loved the earthiness of the linen and the hand painted pattern (side note, the shop Home Sweet I got it from was great to work with).

The menu is still being worked out, but I've settled on having pulled pork, a few nice salads, and lots of drinks, of course! Also, I found a bakery that makes great cupcakes- mom's request.


  1. Girl, it sounds like you are definately on the right path. The flowers will be gorgeous, the vases will be perfect, the decorations are amazing. Heck, you have such a great eye that I can't imagine it will be anything less that fabulous!!

  2. So glad there will be cupcakes! Liv...I wrote you on facebook...I will be your slave this weekend ...just assign me whatever job you need help with! The party will be fantastic!!