Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flowers in Bloom

Don't you love all the greenery that's springing up?! It's like the whole world has melted a come to life again. This weekend I was inspired by our budding garden to plant a mini-herb garden. I have to admit, I have not attempted gardening at any length so a pot full of herbs is just about all I can handle at this point.

After I planted our little garden, I thought I would search for some inexpensive ways to display flowers.
The Paper Source came up with an ingenious idea to recycle cans and milk cartons by covering them with pretty paper.
This is my favorite picture. These peonies are so beautiful and the simple metal bucket is the perfect way to display such a colorful flower.

You would need a vase within the bag to hold water, or use the bag without a vase if you don't plan on having the arrangement for very long.
Tea Cans are also a great idea from Martha Stewart.

And of course, the ball jar is a popular choice right now.

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