Monday, April 12, 2010

Mas Tacos with a Side of Rustic Americana

There's a Mexican food phenomenon sweeping through Nashville these days called Mas Tacos. Known as some of the tastiest and trendiest tacos out there, Mas Tacos isn't actually a restaurant. It's a 1970's Winnebago that has been converted into a mobile taco truck. Throughout the week it parks randomly around Nashville and communicates with fans about it's location via twitter. After hearing about a lot about them, I decided to try them out for myself a few weeks ago.

I must say, these tacos really lived up to their name. They were simple, fresh and delicious. The menu offered us two choices: chorizo or avocado. I got one of each. The chorizo was spicy and heavy while the avocado was light and refreshing make the two together a perfect balance.

This time, Mas Tacos parked at trendy 12 South jeans shop called Imogene+Willie. Started by hipster/Ralph Lauren wannabes, Imogene+Willie make there own line of custom jeans. I was immediately impressed with their Rustic Americana style and luckily, after much back and forth with the owner, I was granted his almighty permission to take just a few pictures.

Designers use old Singer machines like these one.


They hang their jeans patterns above. It was my favorite part of the decor.

Brilliant idea to revitalize an old chandelier.

You may recognize Imogene+Willie from Gwyneth Paltrow's blog, Goop. Since then, the store has taken on a whole new level of coolness. And teaming up with Mas Tacos only makes them cooler. Mas Tacos+Rustic Americana= Great Saturday!

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