Tuesday, April 5, 2011


 Part of my bedroom re-design was giving my white linen curtains a mini-facelift for as cheap as possible. The plan included using Rit Dye, adhesive velcro and gold brass clip rings. Cost? Less than $30 bucks. The outcome? Success!

Here's a picture of my drab Target curtains before the transformation.

 I purchased two packs of Rit Dye in tangerine.

 Then, I began dying- the process involved soaking and stirring for 30 minutes.

After washing and drying the curtains, I attached the handy-dandy adhesive velcro to shorten them (my sewing machine needs fixing) and clipped on the gold rings. 

I'm loving the finished project!
This weekend I also finished making a headboard. Pictures to follow soon!



  1. Wow Olivia! You got great color and I can't wait to see the full bedroom transformation!

  2. WOW! That is incredible! Can't wait to see the headboard!
    xo Elizabeth