Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making an Entrance

The contrast of the white paneling and dark wood is beautiful. I also love the light pendants.

Whoever designed this banister is a genius.

Serene and casual. I love whitewashed floors.

The arch make this entryway quite striking.

I saw this foyer on a neighborhood tour a few weeks back. I love the wall paper this home owner used.

Rustic and nautical.

These floors are exquisite.

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  1. This blog needs more maps. Serious lack of cartographic focus.

  2. Ooo, Map Man strikes again. But, you know, Olivia, I was thinking the same thing: WHERE THE HECK ARE THE MAPS? Ha, kidding, of course.

    I could definitely live in that first image. Definitely.

  3. Your eye for chic style is incredible!

  4. Olivia, Very elegant images! beautiful design.


    Art by Karena