Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blogger is Back

For the past two days, blogger has been acting up and now I have posts back-logged like you wouldn't believe. For starters, here are some amazing, unrelated images I've seen via the blogosphere recently.

Truly one of the most beautiful bathrooms I've seen. I love everything from the Carrara marble tile to the open concept and bare windows. 

I love this kitchen. Although it's not huge, the layout is functional and thoughtfully designed.

Anything involving ikat fabric, monograms and champagne is worth posting.

Personalized luggage tags.

Antique bookseller Thomas Cary's living room.

Too cute.
Pool with a view-my P.B. trip is only a month away!

That's all for the moment!

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  1. Olivia, do you remember where the top bathroom photo is from? I need that lighting for our bathroom-can't find anything I like anywhere!

  2. Hi Maggie! I saw it on Apartment Therapy. Try Circa for the light- I bet you'll find it. xoxo, Olivia