Thursday, July 22, 2010

For the New Apartment

Have I ever told how much I absolutely can't get enough of Nate Berkus' designs for HSN? Amazing stuff at an amazing price!
This coffee table is perfect for my living room. I'm definitely going to buy it! It's only $279, too.
Also, I've already placed my order for these cute sheets in the cobalt blue. I plan on pairing them with a white duvet and then adding a punch of navy and coral color with an accent blanket.

The walls in my bedroom will be a neutral taupe and I of course still planning on making my headboard covered is a soft linen fabric. Pictures will for sure follow


  1. beautiful sheets! I was sad when they didn't have yellow left over :(

  2. Did you get the table? I've been eyeing it for a little bit.

  3. Not quite yet. Waiting to get settled first. I'm definitely getting it though!