Thursday, July 14, 2011

Too Much Horse

 Back in April, I made a headboard from scratch and did a mini room makeover. Everything turned out great, but with equestrian prints, bookends and a pillow, the room is looking a little too "horsey". 
The room needs a pop of unexpected and something to tie together the orange, black and tan color scheme. An easy fix is to change up the pillows. So far, here are my favorites I've found:

This unique Japanese silk pillow cover is stunning with hints of black, orange and green. I love the vibrant color and abstract design.

Also in keeping with the Asia Pacific design theme, this Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon fabric caught my eye, but may be too different from the rest of the room's style.
 Vintage Crewel? The colors work.
I have yet to buy something Suzani print. I think it's so beautiful!

I would love second opinions! Have a great day, everyone.

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  1. You can never have too much horse, haha, well maybe... I'm a sucker for Chiang Mai Dragon print and I think it'd had the perfect pop of color.